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My name is Lulu and I have a passion for cocktails!

I have been working in bars for over 10 years and I loved every single one of them.

Developing new drinks recipes has been my creative outlet for years and this experience gave me a deep insight into customers preferences and beverage trends. 

I’m here to help you develop your brand and business through creative cocktails and social media content. 

Let’s shake things together!



- for companies -

cocktails from top

cocktails development

I will develop your brand’s signature cocktails or perfect serve for any occasion. 

I will also share your content and brand story on social media.

cocktail menu development

bar menus development

I will develop a full cocktail menu for your bar or event.

I will also share your content, brand history and relevant info on social media.


I will train bartenders on standardized classic cocktails recipes and give them an overview on the spirits used in every recipe.


- for privates-

henry hall refreshing gin cocktail

personalised signature cocktails

I will develop your own personalized cocktail for your party or event.

I will include checklists,  spirits suggestions and instructions on how to make one or hundreds of them!

If required, I will send you samples.

home bar consultation

Dreaming of setting up your home bar but don’t know where to start?

Look no further! I will help you set up a home bar tailor made for you. 

I’ll base my suggestions on your style and drinking preferences . 

I’ll include checklists and a personalized recipe booklet.

cocktail masterclass

Looking for the perfect entertainment for your dinner party or afternoon tea?

Or just for an excuse to have some boozy fun?

I’m your girl! I will teach you the secrets of your favorite cocktails.

By the end of the session you’ll be able to make perfect cocktails at home!

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