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Death or Glory

The ‘Death or Glory’ cocktail is my Italian twist to a Rob Roy (->a Rob Roy is basically a Manhattan made with scotch). Read on to find out its recipe and how the drink came about in my head.


This cocktail came about on a beautiful autumn day while I was living in Edinburgh and it’s really a sum up of my life back then. 

I had moved to Scotland less than a year before and finally things started to look settled: I lived in a nice little flat in Leith with my husband, I made friends with some really nice people, i was exercising regularly and we just loved the city in general. Scotland was starting to feel like home.

So this one day, as I was walking to work and i was thinking about which cocktail to make next, my mind got fixated on the thought that I now felt like I belonged to two places at the same time: Italy and Scotland. At the same time, the song ‘Rebellion’ from Grave Digger was playing in my headphones…

So a drink was born and it was named after the chorus of the song.


Balvenie 12yo double wood obviously represents Scotland in this cocktail. It is a great example of a mellow speyside whisky with good character so it is offers the perfect base for the other ingredients to rest on.

Punt e mes is a bitter Italian vermouth. So called because it contains a ‘point’ of bitterness to half a ‘point’ of sweetness, it was originally produced by mixing red vermouth with amaro. Adds a pleasant but not overpowering bitterness to the cocktail and some complex herbal notes.

I decided to add a tiny touch of chestnut liqueur because of their comforting flavor in autumn that reminds me of cold walks through the city in italy.


lulu fedi


My name is Lulu and I am a cocktail creatress, menu developer, consultant and blogger based in the wonderful Scottish highlands.

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Death or Glory

death or glory rob roy manhattan


  • Add all ingredients (except Campari) to mixing glass
  • Add ice and stir
  • Rinse the martini glass with a touch of Campari
  • Strain in a coupette
  • Serve neat

What did you think of my ‘Death or Glory’? I just love it after a meal or anytime in winter!

As usual, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and do share this Manhattan twist recipe if you liked it!


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