Hibiscus syrup : a tasty alternative to grenadine

The thing I love the most about hibiscus syrup is the zesty, citrusy note it manages to add to any cocktail. Not to mention the extremely pretty pink color!

All you need to make it is sugar, dried hibiscus flowers (the same you can then re-use to make yourself a healthy cup of tea) and boiling water. You don’t even have to fiddle around with pans and hobs! Follow the way I make it and simply place everything in a container, dissolve the sugar and wait for it to infuse for a few minutes. 

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Hibiscus is an edible flower, part of the 'Malvaceae' family. The one commonly used in teas -and in this recipe- is called 'hibiscus sabdariffa'.

There are more then 200 different species of hibiscus plant in the world. This flower has strong connections with different cultures around the world: it is the national flower of Hawaii and Haiti, it's the flower sacred to the goddess Kali in India and while in China it is a symbol of fleeting beauty or glory, in North America it is offered to one's 'perfect woman'.

Hibiscus has been used for century in form of hot teas or cold infusion for its claimed medicinal properties.
This beautiful flower is, in fact, full of vitamin C and antioxidants and is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as to protect the liver.


My recipe below is a classic 2:1 ratio of sugar to water. This will give you a thicker texture, but also a higher concentration of sugar and flavor. In practice, this simply means that you will need to pay attention to how much of it you use per drink because even just a little has a big sweetening power.

In terms of taste, you can expect it to brighten up any cocktail with its tangy, zesty, vibrant notes combined to a more delicate floral undertone.


Here are a few examples of drinks made with our hibiscus syrup:

Goldmund’s Cup – a modern take on a rum punch. Fruity, refreshing and tall.

Italian hibiscus spritz – a bittersweet, low abv aperitif. Great for a garden party.

Hibiscus royal – Simply pour 10ml of hibiscus syrup in a flute and top it up with champagne.


Find the recipe below, give it a try, give it a like, share it, enjoy it!

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Hibiscus syrup



  • Combine all ingredients in a clean jar or heat resistant container
  • Stir until all sugar has dissolved
  • Let it sit for 15 min to allow the hibiscus to infuse
  • Strain and bottle



20 min = 3 min prep + 15 min wait + 2 min bottle


As usual, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and share my easy hibiscus syrup recipe if you liked it!


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