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Essential glassware for your home bar : the only 5 glasses you'll ever really need

Glassware is an aspect of your home bar that you shouldn’t underestimate. There is a reason why there are so many glass styles – and it’s not just because of aesthetics (!) : different glasses highlight different qualities in different drinks.

For example, have you ever noticed how drinking champagne from a handmade crystal flute feels better then drinking it from a water glass?

Moreover, you’ll probably never drink a measure of brandy out of a martini glass. This is because the larger surface area of a martini glass would ruin the drinking experience for the imbiber: as most of the brandy volatile compounds would fly away before hitting the drinker nose!

Let’s face it : drinking from a beautiful glass can make you and your guests feel more loved, cared for, special and definitely contributes towards a great overall experience.

In addition to all this, the right glassware will add texture and style to your home bar. I suggest you think about your home decor and the vibe that you want in your house before settling to buy anything.

My top tip if you’re on a budget or if you simply want to add a ‘vintage’ feel to your collection is to browse charity shops: most of them sell cut glass sets for reasonable prices and sometimes you can find really curious items. If you really want to treat yourself though, always go for crystal!

But let’s dig in: this is the list of the most essential glassware for your home bar and it will give you the opportunity to experiment with an impressive range of different concoctions.

This is the last article of the series ‘home bar essential’ and it should give you a good overview of the last important ingredients that you’ll need to gather in order to have a well stocked bar. 

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This is the bare minimum that you must own at the start of your bar journey.

coupette essential glassware

GLASS n.1 – Coupette


Coupette glasses are a must. Not only they double as champagne glasses making you look super fancy, they are a more elegant version of the famous V shaped martini glass.

I’d still suggest you drinking champagne out of wine glasses or flutes,though, because of the way they hold the bubbles and the way that they convey the flavors.

Bonus sexy fact: legend says that the shape of this glass was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s breasts…There you go, an easy- to- remember fun thing to say when conversation stalls. And here is a super interesting article about it if you want to geek out a bit.

Some nice ones –>here


rocks glass essential glassware

GLASS n.2 – Rocks glass


Where else would you drink your old-fashioned from (please don’t say from a pint glass)?

The ‘Manly glass’ by definition, this short tumbler is perfect to drink spirits neat or over ice and for many many cocktails.

Some nice ones ->here

highball essential glassware

GLASS n.3 – Highball

You’ll need this glass for when you’ll want a tall refreshing drink that doesn’t scream ‘booze!’…

Perfect for any Gin&Tonic -despite the ‘Goblet mania’-, Dark’n’Stormy or Whisky highball.

Some nice ones -> here

wine glasses essential glassware

GLASS n.4 – Wine glass


A staple in every home, let alone in every home bar! 

I do hope you already own some. Incredibly useful for serving wine from (haha), they come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes better suited for particular wines rather then other. There are entire books on the subject and i’m not lying. If you aren’t a wine connoisseur or a borderline sommellier, i suggest you to simply get a classic, stemmed, clean shaped wine glass.

Some nice ones -> here

GLASS n.5 – Balloon glass (optional)


You’ll need this glass to drink Cognac like a proper person. I only quite recently discovered my love for this spirit and I never really gave much thought to the type of glass I was drinking it from, but trust me, you’ll get the most out of your cognac if you drink it from a balloon glass.

 I also like to use balloon glasses to serve creamy cocktails like the Grasshopper or any version of a Flip.

Some nice ones -> here

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As you can see, this is a real list of bare minimum essential glassware for your home bar. You don’t need to break the bank to be able to serve a multitude of drinks in the appropriate glasses. And you don’t need to overthink it either. Start small. Start with just 4 essential types of glasses and when you’ll be able to dig deeper into the cocktail worlds, you can slowly expand your collection.

Which one of those glasses do you own already?

Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

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