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Mr Fox : a great modern cognac cocktail

The Mr. Fox is a delectable modern cognac cocktail. It is a perfect choice for any time of the day: the citrus will lift you up and wake you up, the cognac will embrace you and the Italicus will surprise you with its beautiful tea-like notes of bergamot. 


As for most drinks in my beautiful American bar @the Gleneagles hotel, inspiration comes from the 1920s and 1930s era.

 The Mr Fox is built around one of the most popular ‘vigilante’ character of all times: Zorro. 

I think that Zorro can be considered the first superhero as his character was created in 1919 by writer Johnston McCullly. 

Zorro means ‘fox’ in English and this refers to the agility that the character had in catching criminals and in eluding the police which had a bounty on his head. His adventures were both funny and entertaining and this mix proved so popular that there have been more than 40 movies / tv series and theatrical adaptation of his story.

The first of the Zorro movies was launched in 1920 and had Douglas Fairbank as the main actor. 


This cocktail is a good example of a split base drink: Cognac and Italicus are used in equal proportion to balance and complement each other. 

The cognac that we use is Remy Martin VSOP, a fruity, smooth and lightly floral brandy made with a blend of casks up to 12 year old. Fun fact about Remy Martin: Pierrett Trichet, the only female cellar master in the region worked there until 2014 and the person that took her place is Baptiste Loisieau, the youngest cellar master of the region.

Italicus is a rediscovered italian aperitif, part of the ‘rosolio’ family. Rosolio is a category of low abv liqueurs made with a prominent local ingredient (cedro, bergamot, oranges…) amongst other herbs and botanicals. Rosolio used to be incredibly popular in Italy until the 19th century. Italicus has a very distinctive bergamot flavor and delicate floral notes.

The rest of the ingredients belong to a classic sour cocktail : a touch of lemon juice, some egg white and a spoon of sugar.

The garnish is my ‘Citrus Charcoal Icing Sugar’ sprinkled on top with a nice design. It really adds to the aroma of the drink.

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My name is Lulu and I am a cocktail creatress, menu developer, consultant and blogger based in the wonderful Scottish highlands.

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Mr Fox



  • Add all ingredients to shaker
  • (Shake without ice first)
  • Add ice and shake again
  • Serve in a coupette glass


  • abstract design made with citrus charcoal icing sugar

As usual, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and do share this cognac cocktail recipe if you liked it!


Suitably Sloshed

2 thoughts on “Mr. Fox : a great modern cognac cocktail”

  1. There are not many good delectable modern cognac cocktail so I really like this one as it has the most distinctive taste. I would really appreciate it if someone writes about its recipe.

    1. SuitablySloshed

      Thank you Greg! It’s such an easy cocktail to make but so delicious! I hope you’ll make many..
      All the best, Lulu

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